Institute of  Relational – Family Psychology and Psycho-Therapy

The institute of relational- family  psychology is a non-profit organization that’s goal is to train, research, and practice the fields of psychology and  family- relational psycho-therapy in family environments within the realm of furthering human resources.

ISPREF is a recognized organization by:
MIUR with D.M. of 20/03/1998 published in G.U. n°92 of 21/04/1998.
The Association of National Coordination of Psycho-Therapy (CNSP).
The Italian Society of the Therapeutic Family (SITF).
The European Family Therapy Association (EFTA).
The Association of the National Coordination of Professional Counselors (CNCP).
The School of Association International Systemic Mediator (AIMS).
The Association of the European Training Forum and Research in Family Mediation.

  • Reports

       Corso di Formazione : Le Trame dei Legami Familiari - 39 crediti ECM per psicologi clinici

      Corso di Formazione : Corso Specialistico di Criminologia Clinica e Psicopatologia Forense - V edizione 2008-2009